Back in August I wrote a post on the announcement of Yahoo’s TV Widgets. I read today that Samsung and Yahoo have announced a partnership at CES 2009 to launch these internet widgets on the new Samsung HD TVs.

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It was only when I spotted this story that I realised that these widgets were the one first inspirations for the Micro-forums application.

Back in August I said

One interesting comment I read under the ReadWriteWeb article was a from somebody delighted at the thought of the twitter widget being at the bottom of his tv screen, so they could watch tv at the same time as their friends and have a kind of a group chat experience. E.g. “Peter says: ‘what a goal, that was amazing!” coming up at the bottom of your screen when you’re at home watching a football match! I think it’s really clever and could definitely create a new level of interactivity with what has always been a distinctly one-way medium.

I think that was the first seed planted in my mind which eventually lead to the idea of the live micro-forum. I signed up to the developer program back in August, Yahoo said they’d send out a mail when it was open to developers. No word yet, but if the Facebook application goes well that’s a definite potential avenue to grow it.