I’ve decided to make a Facebook Application. I’ve also decided that it might be fun to document the journey of a Facebook Application, from the idea popping into my head right the way through to launch and beyond!

I’ll blog about it every step of the way, so anyone who wants to read along should hopefully get a good insight into what a facebook application is, what’s involved in making one, what to expect if you decide to make one yourself, how I go about marketing it, how it spreads virally and a whole host of other questions that I have and hope to answer!

This won’t be the first Facebook application that I’ve made. I made one last year, mostly to test my abilities, (check it out here if you’re on facebook) so I’ll be employing some of the learnings I have from that in this project.

Right so, now I’m off to the drawing board. I have a few ideas floating around in my skull but I have to pick one. I’ll post again with a rough outline of the plan when I think it through.

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