1. The limits of control

Studies show that people feel more confident they’ll win at dice if they toss the dice themselves than if others toss them, and that they are likely to bet more money if they make their wager before the dice are tossed than afterward (where the outcome has been concealed). They’ll value a lottery ticket more if they can choose it than if it is given to them at random

2. Some of the comments on that article are well worth reading.

3. Seth Godin – The Confusion

4. Mike Masnick discusses The Psychology Of Externalities and it’s implications in a digital economy – how people perceive a situation to be unjust if another person benefits “too much”, even if it has no material impact on them.

5. Also from Techdirt – Is It Cheating Or Is It Collaboration?

In NO industry is collaboration considered cheating. Only in SCHOOL is this a problem. What are we teaching our kids?

6. A video, for anyone interested in future business models for the music industry.

NARM 2009 Keynote Interview With Ian Rogers from NARM on Vimeo.